The Regulars

The Original Traveler

Cheddar, Colby-Jack and Provolone cheeses grilled until melted on our crispy seasoned sourdough bread.  A classic!

These delicious sandwiches are crowd pleasers, found on our menu every day!

Glazed & Confused

Cheddar cheese on a grilled glazed donut.

Simply delicious.

The Big Poppa'

Our signature sandwich! 

Grilled diced jalapeños, crispy crumbled bacon, spicy cream cheese and shredded cheddar on buttery grilled Texas toast.

Try it as pictured on jalapeño bread, too!

Special Appearances

These creative sandwiches make limited appearances on our menu based on seasonality, limited ingredient availability, weather, the amount of room in our refrigerators or the gravitational pull of the moon! Expect to see 2-3 daily.


Oven roasted turkey, colby-jack cheese, fresh sliced tomato and truck-made avocado spread on crispy seasoned sourdough bread.


Delicious soft pretzel bun grilled and topped with pastrami, muenster cheese and a dollop of brown mustard.

Frito Pie Sandwich

Meaty chili, crunchy corn chips and shredded cheddar cheese on buttery grilled Texas toast.

Artichoke Melt

Tangy artichoke tapenade and provolone cheese on parmesan crusted sourdough.

MAc' Daddy

Truck-made macaroni and cheese topped with shredded cheddar and grilled on our crispy seasoned sourdough bread.

Summer Fling

Oven roasted turkey and swiss cheese with organic baby greens and raspberry jam on farmhouse sourdough bread.

Toasted Traveler Menu Summer Fling

Peaches & Herb

Oven roasted turkey and provolone cheese nestled between creamy basil pesto and Fredericksburg peach preserves.  

Toasted Traveler Menu Peaches and Herb

Toasted   HAm&Cheese

Black Forest ham and chef's choice of cheese on crispy seasoned sourdough.  

Toasted Traveler Menu Harvest

Truckin' Turkey pesto

Oven roasted turkey and provolone cheese with crispy bacon strips and our creamy basil pesto spread on golden farmhouse sourdough bread.

Big Tex

Black Forest ham and cheddar cheese topped with a local barbecue sauce to giving it a little a bit of kick!

Toasted Traveler Menu Truckin' Turkey Pesto
Toasted Traveler Menu Big Tex

Southern Comfort

Truck-made pimento cheese topped with crumbled bacon on grilled Texas toast.

Toasted Traveler Menu Summer Fling

Hangover Helper

Black Forest ham and cheddar cheese topped with a cage-free fried egg and smothered in spicy sriracha on crispy seasoned sourdough bread.

Toasted Ruben

Toasted marble rye topped with grilled sauerkraut, hot pastrami and swiss cheese, finished with a dollop of spicy brown mustard.

Toasted PBJ

The King

Warm and creamy peanut butter with sweet grape jelly on grilled Texas toast. This classic isn't just for kids anymore!

Toasted Traveler Menu Toasted PB&J

Sweet caramelized banana slices and creamy peanut butter topped with crispy crumbled bacon on golden Texas toast.


Thinly sliced apple, crispy bacon, and cheddar cheese drizzled with local wildflower honey on sourdough bread.

Toasted Traveler Menu The King

birthday cake batter

Delicious creamy cake batter filling with plenty of sprinkles.  Perfect for celebrations of all kinds!

let's roll

Giant cinnamon roll grilled and filled with cream cheese icing. Try it as pictured with added berries and bacon.


Basil pesto, fresh mozzarella and tomato slices on sourdough garlic toast.

Toasted Traveler Menu Caprese

Santa Fe

Black Forest ham, pepper jack cheese, hatch green chiles and a cage-free fried egg on farmhouse sourdough bread.


Prosciutto, creamy goat cheese and organic spinach topped with balsamic reduction on sourdough bread.


Over 12" of toasted french bread with 8 slices of melted cheese.  A behemoth of a sandwich for real enthusiasts.

biscuit sammie

Flaky biscuits with a variety of toppings, both sweet and savory.

Specialties and Sides

Toasted Traveler Menu Artisan Ades

Artisan Lemonade

Tomato-basil soup from scratch

gourmet kettle chips

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